Wednesday, August 03, 2005

DCI Sudbury

August 1, 2005, Sudbury, ON

Division II

1. Colt Cadets, Dubuque, Iowa 61.45

Division III

1. Pride of the Lions, Regina, Saskatchewan 72.950

2. Dutch Boy, Kitchener, Ontario 71.650

3. Les Stentors, Sherbrooke, Quebec 67.050

4. St. John's, Brantford, Ontario 61.000

5. 7th Regiment, Groton, Connecticut 60.450

6. H.Y.P.E., Hamilton, Ontario 54.750

7. Blue Saints, Sudbury, Ontario 39.200

That's a lot of Canadian junior corps on the field. There is hope folks!

I don't know if DCI Div. II and Div. III are judged on the same sheets and tolerances. I suspect they are.

Hopefully noone has issues with me posting these scores here.

The official scores are on the DCI website here:

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