Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Project for the New Year

It may be hard to believe but I receive e-mail from Ontario parade and event directors asking the Ambassadors to perform. After some thought is occurs to me that with the demise of the Ontario Drum Corps Association there is no place or reference for these organizers to look for bands other than a hit-or-miss Google search. So I have decided to try to do something about it (being a new library science student and all) and have set up a wiki that will hopefully list active parade units in Canada:

Canadian Parade Groups

If you want to help please e-mail me. There's not much to learn as wikis are pretty easy to use and it is just a case of finding a unit's web site and listing their contact information on the appropriate page. I am starting with Ontario and BC. I will leave Quebec to the end as I think the FAMQ is still in operation.