Thursday, April 28, 2005

Real Stone Buglers

I received the following via e-mail today:

Dear Drum Corps Friends,

Here is an interesting event we think you will be interested in. Feel free to distribute to your network !!

The Buglers Hall of Fame Announced

Bridgeport, CT, April 28, 2005/Barnum Festival/ the Buglers Hall of Fame was recently released by the Champions on Parade committee. Kenton Clarke, Grand Marshal of this year's event and a past National Individual Soprano Bugle Champion felt that paying homage to the great players of the past was long overdue.

The inaugural list of 27 players listed below, are just that PLAYERS! The melodic sounds they provided through the years on all those Stetson D. Richmond and Fleetwood records are thoroughly engrained in our minds  scratches and all! Their contributions to their craft, superior playing ability and longevity in the activity warrant them the distinction of being the first Buglers HOF inductees.

They will be honored this year at the 2005 Barnum Festival's Champions on Parade in Bridgeport, CT on June 25th - a place where virtually all of the inductees thrilled fans in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond at Longbrook Park, Hedges Stadium or, Kennedy Stadium.

The Barnum seemed a fitting venue for a HOF setting. As an added bonus at this year's 'all Alumni' show, the HOF inductees will be playing some selections along with the famous Maynard Ferguson and his band.

The inductees enthusiasm is spectacular. Jim Centorino is thankful for the honor of being included in the HOF. "Baby" John Chalmus states that "it's an honor to be mentioned with such great horn players". Ritchee Price "can't wait to stand in line with this great group of excellent soloists", while Dick Burns of Blessed Sacrament fame "considers it flattering to be included with such a stellar roster of great players".

And excellent they were - and still are!. Who can forget listening to Tommy Martin, Bucky Swan and John Simpson on the Skyliners Portrait in Brass album or, Ken Petersen's fabulous solo work with the Appleknockers? How about Joe De Figlia's opening solo with Lorreto, Riggie Laus serenading his Rockets fans or, Ray Eyler leading Archie's ever so sweet sopranos.

What would Elks Parade be like with out John Grass or George (Sidemouth) Richardson belting out that famed solo? And let's not forget about Arietano and Dorritie teaming up while with the Sunrisers. Of course, what would an all-star cast be without Hawthornes own Jimmy DD'Amicone Marotta and Frank Ponzo?

The 2005 Barnum Festival transcends drum corps at its finest. An exhibition of superb talent with only one purpose in mind  entertainment!

Be sure to mark down June 25th on you calendar to be a part of this extravaganza. You do not want to miss it! Think Maynard knows what he's in for?

Source: Barnum Festival Champions on Parade Committee

Heres the complete inaugural list for the Buglers Hall of Fame:

Buglers Hall of Fame - Drum and Bugle Corps

Friday, April 15, 2005

Passports required at American/Canadian border

Touring American drum corps just received one more reason not to visit Canada and Canadian drum corps have another expense to their members:

U.S. will demand passports from Canadians -

U.S. to demand passports of all travellers [sic] -

O' Canada, New Homeland Security regs could impact - DCP Forums

On the other hand it might make the process of crossing the border a little more clear and consistent for drum corps. I remember when I marched that crossing the border was always a high-anxiety thing for corps staff as any "funny stuff" or confusion could cause the border guards to delay our trip for hours.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Roll call!

I am trying to establish who looks at this thing I have created.

Update: oops! I didn't close that tag! Now only this post is centred. Why can't HTML understand Canadian spelling? :/

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Not-great photos of Pete and Kurt

Here are some photos of the fabulous Bredows that I currently have on the Ambassadors site.

(This is in response to an e-mail I received from Pete today and promptly deleted by mistake. Yes, I was working as a system administrator up until a year and a half ago; what's your point? :/ )

Sorry about the quality of these. The problem is a combination of scan quality and the condition of the originals. The captioned photo I can scan again but I know that the original is pretty poor in the first place. I may be able to do better with the '78 corps photo but I think it is from a show program.

If there are any Ambassadors Alum out there... [sound of crickets chirping] who have pictures of the Bredows please send them to me to post here until Pete contacts me again and then I can send them to him directly.

Pete Bredow please e-mail me.

Pete Bredow please e-mail me.

I have managed to delete the e-mail you sent me today.

Will post some pictures of you and Kurt here that I already have on the Ambassadors site.


Monday, April 04, 2005