Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bringing (DCI) Drum Corps back to Canada

Two men are looking to bring drum corps back to Canada in a big way in 2013. Show sites currently being considered are in Montreal, Quebec and Kingston, Ontario.

DCI Hall of Fame member and Drum Corps World publisher Steve Vickers and High Velocity Media owner Doug Smith are spearheading the initiative.

"I've always felt bad that Canada has not had a DCI level show in more than a decade," Vickers said. "And Canada used to have dozens of corps, and some prominent corps that made the Finals — both in World Class or Open Class."

The DCI World Championships were twice hosted in Canada in the 1980s at Montreal's Olympic Stadium. Currently there are two junior corps in Canada participating in the 2012 DCI Tour, Blue Saints in Ontario and Les Stentors in Quebec.

Vickers said the first thing they did in their efforts to bring drum corps back to Canada was contact the Canadian government. Specifically, the office that facilitates large groups crossing the border, which historically had been a large hurdle for corps to overcome.

Promoters look to bring drum corps competitions back to Canada

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