Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Do you Blast®?

“BLAST!” has open call to cast members for U.S., Europe and Asia tours


Anticipating the casting for several new productions of the highly successful stage show “BLAST!,” an immediate and open call is going out to age-outs of the drum and bugle corps activity to inquire about positions in the brass, percussion and visual ensemble.

A majority of the performers who have been in previous productions dating back to the fall of 1999 have been from the activity and the producers are looking to drum corps once again for tours that will take the show on its first European tour, a third visit to Japan and another U.S. tour. The Asian trip may also include dates in Korea and China.

Because of the on-going need for “BLAST!” and other new productions planned by the organization, a consistent pipeline for experienced and enthusiastic members is being established. Full details can be found by visiting the Web site, An application can be downloaded.

Monday, December 20, 2004 experiment is over

I enthused about the service in this post. However it seems one needs to use it every 30 days or it is deactivated; one can still see it but I can't edit anything. I can re-activate it for a small fee, but since I was using Seedwiki because there were no fees this is unacceptable to me. I have no complaints. One gets what one pays for. I'll keep on the lookout for similar services in the future.

The DrumCorpsWiki still exists and I will hopefully contribute more to the Ambassadors entry in the future.

For now I will keep the Ambassadors web site in its original form. To tell the truth, I was not looking forward to transferring it to the new location and format.

Proposed DCI rules for 2005 [i.e. rules changes]

The proposed rules changes are on the web site here. Don't let Mr. Hopkins' bad spelling and grammar put you off.

There is a whole set of forums set up to discuss them on Drum Corps Planet here. Let the flames commence!

Here's a choice bit from the proposal to allow electronic instruments, taken completely out of context I admit:

Yesterday --- The Classic Audience of 1975 that continues to dominate some of today’s conversation will not like this. These people want drum corps the way they remember it and I am very appreciative of this thought process. I too like drum corps as it was and is, but I am also aware that something needs to change.
This addition would change that product. The problem in catering to these people --- they are a diminishing group in terms of numbers. Personally, I love them, I want to make them leap from their seats, but for the sake of tomorrow, and we cannot use this class of people only as the opinion makers for our performing groups.

Thanks Mr. Hopkins. That opinion explains the work of the DCI Board of Directors recently. :P