Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Canadian Corps report

Allegiance Elite Drum & Bugle Corps

With the alliance of the Edmonton Strutters and Allegiance Elite marching under the name Fusion, came a strong sense of unity for the supporters of Drum & Bugle Corps here in Alberta. Already the new corps has made strides far and beyond some years that most can recollect. The success that Fusion is producing each month is re-enforcing the strength that this activity will have in years to come and will set the stage for future members of Drum & Bugle Corps. The combined staff have proven to be effective in their instruction and the members have been equally responsive. Music is learned and drill is on the way. The colorguard have been concentrating on a very successful Winter season with their last competition in April. All in all, the atmoshere at Fusion Drum & Bugle Corps is extremely positive and confident. Everyone is looking forward to the summer months when Fusion begins to "fuse" its complete package together and embark on what is being anticipated as the most successful showing of an Alberta drum corps to date.

Web Posted Mar / 12 / 04

History is not kind to 'corps mergers. Good luck 'Fusion'.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

... twenty, bop, twenty-two, bop, bop, twenty-five ...

Kiwanis Kavaliers Tour Day-by-Day

There appears to be a home show for the Kiwanis Kavaliers on July 29th. Details are sketchy so far.

There is no sign of this show on their schedule on the site.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Lot's of time to water the lawn

As of today there is one (1) drum corps show listed in the ODCA calendar. :P

No word on the 2004 Canadian Open as of yet.

Problems at Drum Corps Planet resolved

I believe they were fixed within 12 hours of me posting about them being down.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Problems at Drum Corps Planet

March 31, 2004

12:15pm ET

Dear DCP members and visitors,

Please pardon the service interruption.

You may have noticed the site speed has taken a turn for the worse since about 6:30 ET last night. The server is currently experiencing profound technical difficulties and our host, NDC Technologies, is taking immediate steps to bring us back online as soon as possible.

We expect to be fully operational again within 24hours.

Thank you for your patronage and your patience.

... fourteen, bop, sixteen, seventeen, bop, nineteen...

Robot Drum Corps unveiled in Aurora, Ontario

The Shallot, Snowball Corner, ON

March 30, 2004, last update: 2:32 p.m.

AURORA, ON - Marching bands entered the twenty-first century today with the announcement by the management of the newly resurrected Ambassadors Drum and Bugle Corps of Aurora, Ontario that they will present their 2004 band made up soley of robot musicians.

Corps director, John O'Fline, said that the move was made possible by a government grant for projects supporting a new Olympics bid in Ontario for the year 2020. He said that his organization decided on this unusual proposition as they found it difficult to find young people, who would normally make up such a band, willing to join the organization. "No one wants to sleep on gym floors and practise in the rain anymore. I blame the video games the young people play these days" said O'Fline.

The purchase of the more than 100 robots necessary to fill out the band's ranks is of great cost . Critics have noted that this cost is probably greater than the value of the initial grant and have speculated that funds from a local political candidate looking for promotion have made up the balance. Director O'Fline denied this: "The rumours of a name change to the Stronach Ambassadors are completely false".

The Ontario Drum Corps Association which oversees the competition and judging of drum corps in Ontario has be apprised of this move by the Ambassadors and has responded with several rule changes for its association for the 2004 season. The ODCA executive have decided that the robot corps will be judged under a new classification or league called Division VI or "Division six" and that any robot corps will be judged by robot judges. "We feel that this is the most elegant solution to this new development in drum corps competition" said an ODCA representative. "It would be unfair to have them compete with the corps that field 'real' members".

The Ambassadors have elected to field a human drum major or conductor and it is unclear how the new ODCA rules will apply to the corps because of this. "We couldn't find a robot that could execute the complicated salute that is traditional for our corps although our robot supplier has told us that they are working on it" said O'Fline.

[Does anything about the above post seem odd? Have a look at the post date. April Fool!]