Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another tagline

I just read this in a post from drumcorpsplanet.com. I will paraphrase:

They're so old they aged out of the alumni corps!

Canadian Nationals 1981: and the score is...

I have had question from an alumnus of the Blue Saints. He is asking for scores from the 1981 Canadian Nationals in Windsor. Does anyone have then in their scrapbook? Unfortunately they are missing from corpsreps.com and all I have on the Ambassadors site is the placement in "B" class. If you know make a comment on this post. In particular we would like to know the placement and score of the Blue Saints who should be in "C" class in ODCA in 1981.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blue Saints are in Open Class semi-finals!

Good job Saints! (photo from 2009)

Historic firsts as corps jockey for position at Open Class Semis


Blue Saints (16th, 59.40) had a record-breaking season in 2010. Jordan Alvey, battery percussion, summed it up: “We’ve come a long way,” he explained. “We started two months ago, got the music memorized, then learned the drill. They’ve become a group I’m very proud to have taught. It’s been their highest season yet and I’m proud to be a part of that.” The corps’ score is a full four points higher than last year.

Today was a milestone in their long history. Fifth-year mellophone Daniel Faubert said, “We’ve been doing well for our corps this year. We’ve broken record after record set for ourselves. Making Semifinals was a huge thing for us because we’ve never been to the Semifinals ever before.”

CNN's take on the G7

As a follow up to an incident where George Hopkin's car was vandalized CNN looks into the G7 proposal and it's implications for the future of drum corps as an activity. (Plus there's a cool video!) Librarian comment: This is classified as a business story?

Trouble at 'Marching Music's Major League'

A powerful group of players known as the 'G-7' has sparked tumult amid accusations of a hostile takeover attempt.
This drama isn't being played out in a corporate boardroom but on the football field, as marching groups converge on Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, for the Drum Corps International (DCI) World Finals on Saturday.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My little survey: Results

Here are my results. I will add the additional comments but reword them so as to keep people from being identified.

There were 72 attempts at the survey of which 62 (or 86.1 %) were completed

1. "What is your gender?"
Male: 91.2% for 62 responses
Female: 8.8% for 6 responses
Would rather not say: 0% for 0 responses

answered question 68
skipped question 4

2. "Please indicate your age. (If you do not wish to do so please leave this space blank and continue to the next question.)"
Response average: 44.27
Total responses: 64

answered question 64
skipped question 8

3. "Please indicate your involvement, if any, in the drum and bugle corps activity (select all that apply)."

No prior knowledge of drum and bugle corps 1.4% 1
Currently participating/performing with a DCI member corps 1.4% 1
Currently participating/performing with a non-DCI corps (junior or senior) 4.2% 3
Alumnus (former member) of a drum and bugle corps 66.2% 47
Parent of participating member 14.1% 10
Instructional staff of a corps (currently or formerly) 21.1% 15
Support/Administrative staff of a corps 12.7% 9
Audience member (live or online) 56.3% 40
Journalist 7.0% 5
Would rather not say 1.4% 1
Other: 12.7% 9
Band Director, Scholarship administrator, Fan, Friend of alumni, Senior corps alumni, Volunteer, Drum Corps Judge

answered question 71

skipped question 1

4. "During the DCI competitive season June to August how often do you visit the dci.org web site"

I have today used the site for the first time 1.4% 1
I visit the site less than once a month 2.8% 2
I visit the site once a month or so 5.6% 4
I visit the site once a week 19.7% 14
I visit the site once a day 35.2% 25
I visit the site more than once a day 31.0% 22
Would rather not say 0.0% 0
Other: 4.2% 3
few times per week, Fan Network subscriber
answered question

skipped question

5. "From September to May how often do you visit the dci.org web site?"

I have today used the site for the first time 1.4% 1
I visit the site less than once a month 15.5% 11
I visit the site once a month or so 32.4% 23
I visit the site once a week 36.6% 26
I visit the site once a day 8.5% 6
I visit the site more than once a day 2.8% 2
Would rather not say 0.0% 0
Other: 2.8% 2
Visit for downloads, 2-3 times per week
answered question

skipped question

6. "What are you looking for at the dci.org website? (select all that apply)"

I am searching for scores/recaps from competitions 93.9% 62
I am looking for information about a particular DCI member organization 48.5% 32
I am looking for information about the Drum Corps International organization 19.7% 13
I am looking for information about the drum corps activity in general 40.9% 27
I am looking for a podcast 22.7% 15
I am looking for video or audio to purchase and download 28.8% 19
I am looking for ticket information 45.5% 30
I am looking for the DCI tour schedule 78.8% 52
I am looking for information about live streaming of DCI events 37.9% 25
I am looking for information about the DCI Hall of Fame 12.1% 8
I am looking for information about scholarships 3.0% 2
I am looking for contact information for the DCI organization 6.1% 4
I am not looking for anything in particular 12.1% 8
Other (please specify) 10.6% 7
Photos, general drum corps information, free audio/video, arrangements, DVDs, score archive, Fan Network
answered question

skipped question

7. What methods of navigating/finding your way through the dci.org do you use? (select all that apply)

I use the menus on the site to get to the page/information I need 71.2% 47
I use links from the home page (the first page) to get the information I need 59.1% 39
I use a link from another website to get to the information I need 10.6% 7
I have bookmarked the pages I use on the site 15.2% 10
I "Google" (or use some other search engine) for the page I am looking for 4.5% 3
Other (please specify) 1.5% 1
DCI E-Mails

answered question

skipped question

8. "What features, content or information might you wish to see at dci.org that is currently not part of the website? (select all that apply)"

Staff, Member or Director blogs 59.3% 32
Additional podcasts 25.9% 14
Live score updates (e.g. without streaming video) 50.0% 27
Additional news feeds (i.e. RSS) 25.9% 14
Recent tweets/Twitter updates 25.9% 14
Other (please specify) 7.4% 4
Historical photo archive, more video on demand, schedule in iCal format, satisfied

answered question

skipped question

9. "I have been using the internet and web browsers for approximately"[...]

less than 1 year 0.0% 0
1 year 0.0% 0
2 years 0.0% 0
3-5 years 6.3% 4
6-10 years 15.9% 10
10-15 years 36.5% 23
16-20 years 41.3% 26
Other (please specify) 0.0% 0

answered question

skipped question

10. "Some other web sites I visit to find information about drum and bugle corps are:"

www.facebook.com 59.7% 37
www.twitter.com 32.3% 20
www.wikipedia.org 19.4% 12
www.corpsreps.com 62.9% 39
www.marching.com 4.8% 3
www.dcacorps.org 21.0% 13
www.drumcorpsworld.com 19.4% 12
www.drumcorpsplanet.com 95.2% 59
www.drum-corps.net 1.6% 1
www.drumcorpstalk.com 1.6% 1
www.drumcorpswiki.com 6.5% 4
None of the above, or no other sites used 0.0% 0
Other (please specify) 12.9% 8
Corps websites, www.ilmarching.com, www.indianamarching.com, Field&Floor, www.SnareScience.com, Cavaliers alumni website (members only), ----------/brad/1254, bknights.org/scores/standings.asp, www.soundmachine.org

answered question

skipped question

Comments: The text that appears after the "Other" response is my transcription of what people wrote as a comment. (It was all clean. thanks guys!). A skipped question is distinct from replying "Would rather not say".

Apologies for the formatting. If there is anything that is difficult to figure out, please post here and I will edit for clarity.

In retrospect I left some choices out, such as "Judge" in question 3 and a few obvious choices for websites such as Field and Floor were left out of question 10.

Thanks everyone for participating. It did help me complete my assignment.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Website and e-mail are back!

humorous pictures

Telus had a serious lightning strike over the weekend which affected e-mail and apparently their webhosting as well. If you notice anything broken on the Ambassadors site let me know.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I can haz 404 error

funny pictures of cats with captions

Telus.com is having some problems tonight. It means that I can't get my e-mail, but also that my website is down as well. This includes all of the Ambassadors alumni site.

If you need to get at it while Telus is hopefully fixing things here, try the Internet Archive's WayBack machine at this link: