Wednesday, September 22, 2004

DCI Board Votes To Eliminate Retreats, Caption Awards, Critiques

Drum Corps Planet - DCI Board Votes To Eliminate Retreats, Caption Awards, Critiques

I can't say I like this development, retreats were one of the reasons I enjoyed going to a drum corps show. I guess I am an old f*art but I think some of the traditions should be kept to keep drum corps a unique activity.

I am sceptical of the following statement, coming from the directors of the top Division I corps:

The decision means an end to retreats for non-major DCI tour events, and will do away with all post-show judges critiques. DCI says the changes should create ways for more parity within the activity, namely giving smaller, less competitive corps the chance for more success and recognition.

I am not sure how eliminating valuable feedback to instructors is going to help smaller corps.

Well, this means if my idle dream of running a drum corps show when I am retired ever comes to fruiition, it won't be a DCI show.

Friday, September 17, 2004

The "C" word...

The following thread in the precussion community forums addresses an issue that I have become familiar with when I worked at my last job librarian of the Canadian Music Centre. The "C" word is copyright and in particular the right to perform and/or record copyright music. All the corps that I marched with and almost all the corps I know today use music written by composer not associated with the corps that has been arranged for the corps. Legally this means that the composer needs to be consulted and negotiated with in order to use these works in a drum corps show.

Some things are different in Canada where SOCAN is the only copyright organization however I believe if a Canadian corps goes to the U.S. then U.S. copyright applies to them while they are there.

I find there is a lot of misunderstanding about copyright and some of the posters in this thread are quite knowledgable. This is an issue that directors cannot ignore anymore. Hopefully ODCA ( ) has some copyright material for Ontario corps to peruse. :: View topic - WGI and the "C" word...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


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