Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ambassadors wiki @(seedwiki.com)

As I said in an earlier post:

If I had a means of using this software to manage the Ambassadors site, I would do it. It would make things so much easier to manage and allow others to help me out.

Well, now it appears I can do it... for free! Thanks to the folks at www.seedwiki.com. I will post here to let you know if I will transfer the Ambassadors site to this site. Don't worry I will go slow and be careful. :)

Ambassadors Remembered (seedwiki.com)

The Newsfeed for recent changes on this wiki can be found here:


Wire brushes with greatness

It's refreshing that the famous-rock-and-roll-star doesn't feel he has to elbow his way into the snare line. From the looks of it, he took his role seriously and had some fun.

ABC News: Tommy Lee Plays With College Marching Band

Monday, October 18, 2004

The other shoe drops...

As you know, what we need to make a robotic drum and bugle corps was only half fufilled by the robotic horn players. But now there are robot drummers available as well! True to life, they are not as good looking as the robotic horn players. :)

P.E.A.R.T - The Robotic Drum Machine

The above link is for a "mirror" of the site which may become unavailable in the near future. It is a temoprary measure as the original site here: http://www.graffagnino.net/wwwpeart/
is being "slashdotted". [Update Nov. 19, 2004: The "mirror" site has been taken down and I have changed the above links to the original site.]

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Welcome to www.scouthouseband.ca

Scout House is back in the cyber-house. A new web site is now available at:


Welcome back to the web Scout House. Thanks to Dennis Lytle for updating me on this.

The pictures from Oktoberfest in Kitchener, ON look pretty impressive:

[Oops. The webmaster at scouthouseband.ca has moved these pictures. Find them yourself, if you can.]

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Another view of a drum corps warm-up

The Bookish Gardener, a blogger from Madison Wisconsin, shows us how to enjoy a drum corps in your back yard.

How would things have been different for the '79 Ambassadors if the residents of Timothy Street in Newmarket, Ontario had felt the same way?

To be fair:

1. Madison, WI is drum-corps-town and Newmarket, ON is ... not.

2. The Ambassadors of 1979 were not the calibre or size of the corps that the Bookish Gardener heard this summer.

Bookish Gardener: Brass bliss