Monday, June 13, 2005

Edmonton Strutters Drum and Bugle Corps inactive for the 2005 season


It saddens us, however, to inform you that even though all of the above wondeerful things are in place, due to unforeseen circumstances we, the board, have decided to postpone the 2005 Summer Tour until the summer of 2006. This heart wrenching decision was made due to the fact that grant applications did not come through, bingo revenues were substantially lower than previous years as well as 95% of the membership fees are still outstanding. It is expected that come 1 July 2005, when the no-smoking bylaw takes effect, the bingo revenue will drop even further, and with all of these negative financial factors in place, we would be incompetent if we allowed the tour to take place.


2005 Summer Tour Postponement Announcement

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