Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bandettes inactive for the 2005 season

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After many struggles and despite all the hard work from all of the members and staff the Bandettes are heartbroken to announce that the competitive corps will be inactive for the summer 2005 season.

The Bandettes Feeder Corps will remain active along with a parade corps. The Parade Corps will perform in several parades throughout the summer on weekends. The parade fees will help to maintain the bills. Also, we have formed a partnership with Marion Glory Cadets, who have also been struggling recently. Many of the older members will be performing with them this summer season. We are going to continue our fundraising efforts and recruiting throughout the summer. Bandettes are currently pursuing the possibility of a winter program that could help to maintain and build our membership as well as our finances for the future success of the organization.

We are looking for anyone interested in working with our brass and color guard sections this summer on parade weekends with the possibility of them continuing in the winter program as well. We are currently accepting members in all sections for membership in the parade corps as well as the feeder corps.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at or post a message in our forums.

Love in Corps,
Shara Barlow, Bandettes Staff

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