Thursday, July 22, 2004

Mysteries and Applause Meters

The DCM web site now has recaps (.pdf) of the July 17 show in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. This indicates the Blue Saints were at this show rather than Kitchener, ON. So who was at Kitchener? Did anyone out there attend the show?

Interestingly, the recap seems to indicate that the show was not judged by DCM judges but by a slate of VIPs, a sort of elite style competition by applause.

Aside: As a marching member in the Blue Devils in '84 I learned to hate those awards given out to the corps that garnered the most applause when the crowd was polled at retreat. I know it was mostly an exercise to keep the crowd happy while we waited for the real scores to be tabulated, but after working so hard through the spring and summer it was a bit much to get beat by the Troopers in these applause-meter things after we had walked all over them in every caption. I like the Troopers too, but they weren't a contender for the DCI championship that year.

Yes, yes I know: "There are all winners to me." :-P

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