Monday, July 19, 2004

But bad knees are still a problem...

I have noticed an interesting trend in Ontario drum corps. Consider the following lines ups for two of the three shows in Ontario this summer (Geek disclaimer: I copy and pasted this from the the Canadian Open and Belleville Festival Sites and to my surprise the HTML code was copied too. I therefore take no responsibility for ugly HTML in the copied parts following. All other ugly code is my own):

Canadian Open 2004
Dutch Boy
St. Johns
Les Stentors
Lake Erie Regiment
Hamilton Youth Performance Ensemble
Hamilton Fire Fighters
Toronto Optimists Alumni Corps
Toronto Signals
Scout House Alumni Band
United Alumni Corps


Belleville Waterfront & Ethnic Festival Program

Notice anything interesting? The Senior corps are dominating the scene! Well I suppose two shows are hardly a scene. In my day the senior corps were something of a joke in Ontario. They were more drinking clubs than competing corps. This seems to have changed by all reports. Let's see if this is a trend.

Speaking of reports, did any one attend the Kitchener or Belleville shows and would they drop me a line about them if so? Thanks.

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