Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Canadian Corps report

Allegiance Elite Drum & Bugle Corps

With the alliance of the Edmonton Strutters and Allegiance Elite marching under the name Fusion, came a strong sense of unity for the supporters of Drum & Bugle Corps here in Alberta. Already the new corps has made strides far and beyond some years that most can recollect. The success that Fusion is producing each month is re-enforcing the strength that this activity will have in years to come and will set the stage for future members of Drum & Bugle Corps. The combined staff have proven to be effective in their instruction and the members have been equally responsive. Music is learned and drill is on the way. The colorguard have been concentrating on a very successful Winter season with their last competition in April. All in all, the atmoshere at Fusion Drum & Bugle Corps is extremely positive and confident. Everyone is looking forward to the summer months when Fusion begins to "fuse" its complete package together and embark on what is being anticipated as the most successful showing of an Alberta drum corps to date.

Web Posted Mar / 12 / 04

History is not kind to 'corps mergers. Good luck 'Fusion'.

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