Tuesday, December 23, 2003

A re-post from the (now gone) bulletin board

I found this on Google. They cache pages so I could retrieve it. This was originally posted on the old bulletin board on May 19, 2002. I am still a bit annoyed with their cavalier attitude towards copyright but I guess it's common.

Ambassador Alumni please read...

Everyone who has their name listed on my site may wish to make a note that they are probably now listed in the database of former corps members on the www.Corpsreps.com [web site].

Below is the e-mail I received from them recently. I was a bit sticky with them but as they are running a commercial site (they sell CDs), I need to be careful about copyright issues.
on 4/28/02 9:36 AM, Dave Strickler at dstrickl at cablerocket.com wrote:

Good day.

Corpsreps.com is endeavoring to develop the comprehensive drum corps information site on the web, including corps repertoires, member names, pictures, scores, and corps' history.

In that the Ambassadors' history is not as yet available on corpsreps.com, I was hoping that you would permit the use of excerpts of the history as it appears on your website. This history will make the Ambassadors' entry on corpsreps.com more complete.

May I take any lack of reply for assent? If you wish to submit a more recent history, it would be warmly received.

Thank you.

Dave Strickler

History Coordinator

My reply of May 19 (yes I know, Andy, I'm slow...)

Dear Mr. Strickler,

I'm not sure how a lack of reply can be construed as assent on my part. However I give permission to use materials from my site as follows:

1) I give permission for you to use the corps repertoires, scores, and corps history that appear on the Ambassador site non-exclusively. Please note that I cannot give you the right to use copyright materials from newspapers and those publications authored by members of the corps, including the corps newsletters and yearbooks.

2) As I do not have explicit permission from those corps members whose names appear on my site to post these same names and provide them to other sites , I cannot give you permission to do this.

3) I do not hold copyright over most of the photos that appear on my site and I therefore cannot provide you with permission to use them.

Please note that I do not represent the Ambassadors Drum and Bugle Corps in any way or function other than that as a former marching member.

If you find these terms too complicated or onerous you are of course free to find this material and information elsewhere. Never the less I wish you good luck in your efforts to bring this information together.

Sam King
zamiel at interlog.com

I was a little annoyed with that bit about my not responding being a sign that it's okay to go ahead. I won't be doing any business with them any time soon! At any rate if you are concerned, let them know at Corpsreps.com

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