Wednesday, May 04, 2005

ODCA Championship?

Have I missed the ODCA championships? If so, what were the placements/scores? Was this an indoor event?

ODCA Championships
Date: Saturday April 16 2005 Location: Sherwood 25 High Street Hamilton, Ontario L8T 3Z4 Hosted By: Steel City Sound CONTEST SCHEDULE Opening Ceremonies 6:00 PM Hamilton Fire Fighters Drum Corps (Exhibition) 6:05 PM ENSEMBLES Steel City Sound (Percussion) 6:30 PM HYPE 6:38 PM Dutch Boy 6:46 PM St John’s 6:54 PM CADET St. John’s 7:02 PM Rhapsody 7:07 PM Dutch Boy 7:12 PM Ventures Jr. (Exhibition)7:17 PM 713 Thunderband (Exhibition)7:22 PM INTERMISSION (30 Minutes)7:45 PM REGIONAL “A” St. John’s 8:10 PM Steel City Sound 8:18 PM Rhapsody 8:26 PM Dutch Boy 8:34 PM Venturers (Exhibition) 8:42 PM GAS Ensemble 8:50 PM RETREAT 9:00 PM



Susan Gadsby, director of St. John's Drum and Bugle Corps responded to my question in the Drum Corps Planet forums:

This show really did happen, however, it was an indoor show for winter guards and entertainment ensembles. It was a judged show and from my memory here are some of the results.

Entertainment Ensembles

Dutch Boy Silver
St. John's Silver
HYPE Bronze

Cadet Guard

Dutch Boy Jr 1st
Rhapsody Jr 2nd
St. John's Jr 3rd

Regional A

St. John's 1st
Steel City 2nd

Ind A

Dutch Boy 1st
Rhapsody 2nd

There was also some exhibition performances from Ventures and some of the area Alumni Corps.

All in all it was a good night. Everybody was to be congratulated on their efforts.


Susan Gadsby
Corps Director
St. John's

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