Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Ambassadors, now field is yours,

Looking about for the F.A.M.Q. (http://www.famq.qc.ca), I found this article from 2002 in the Drum Corps World web site:

FAMQ plans changes for 2002

in particular:

"With only four corps, it is impossible to hold a contest proper," he said. "Corps directors therefore voted to abolish the rule that forced all events to be of a competitive nature." The new ruling will allow for various types of presentations to take place at Quebec's drum corps events during the 2002 season.

"No more timing and penalties, no more minimum or maximum," Labelle said. "Corps can add features such as charts they play in parades, individual presentations, choral pieces. Corps can now do anything they want."

I had wrongly assumed that the F.A.M.Q. was doing better than corps elsewhere in Canada. Things could be worse for the ODCA it seems.

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