Tuesday, May 04, 2004

"Ten?" "Here!"

Well, I found out where the Scout House will be on July 3rd if not where their web site is:

Bugle show coming this summer - portclintonnewsherald.com

Port Clinton's Cochran Majorettes reunion also part of the festivities

News Herald reports

PORT CLINTON -- A chance telephone call last fall has triggered the upcoming reunion of a Canadian bugle corps and a local majorettes group whose members first met a half century ago in Port Clinton.

The reunion will be punctuated with a July 3 performance of the Preston Scout House Bugle Alumni Band at True-Lay Stadium. The 7 p.m. field show will be free to the public.

"It'll really be something to see," said Betty Wood, of Hickory Grove Road, Port Clinton, who is helping coordinate the event.

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