Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Yes, this "goofy-looking thing" is a french horn.

I am experimenting with using Furl to keep my drum corps web links up to date (see to the left under "links"). Furl is a great service that lets you save particular web pages and share your links with others. It's hard to describe; give it a try. I am using it as an on-line place to keep my web links of all kinds. For those inclined to use RSS feeds there is one for my Furl page here.

It's also relatively easy to include your list of links on Furl in a web page as I have done here on the blog. So far there is no way to keep them ordered as I would like them to appear in section like my link page in the Ambassador site.

Clicking on the "#" beside the links takes you to my page on Furl that includes any comments and ratings I made have made for this particular link.

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